Associate Professor

I am an Adjunct Professor managing the Department of Social Psychology of the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. I obtained my PhD in Humanities at the University of Warsaw and I had also studied at the University of Vienna.

Additionally I am a trained group analyst (Institute of Group Analysis RASZTÓW – IGAR), and currently a member of the board of IGAR in charge of scientific committee.

I completed a master’s degree in International Commerce from the University of Korea and postgraduate studies in banking at the Polish Academy of Sciences. I worked in different countries (Poland, Austria, US or Korea), and I am using this international experience in teaching cross-cultural psychology and in conducting intercultural trainings.

My interests are related to social information processing, especially to hostile attributions among different groups (e.g. inmates). I am particularly focused on the encoding and interpretation processes. I am also very interested in using group analytic knowledge to obtain better understanding of the social environment. That is why I am involved in the project Poland on the Couch – reflective citizens workshops.