Lab equipment

Information on what equipment we have & use
  • 1. EMG, ECG, EDA (SCL)

    The lab is equipped in BIOPAC MP 160 16-channel system with 2 Electromyogram EMG100C amplifiers, 1 Electrocardiogram amplifier ECG100C and 1 Electrodermal activity amplifier EDA100C.

  • Functional Infrared Imaging (fIRI)

    We use OPTRIS PI450 camera

    The infrared cameras optris PI 450 is the smallest thermographic cameras in their class. Being equipped with a measurement speed of 80 Hz and an optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels they provide real-time thermographic images in high speed.
    The IR camera PI 450 is, due to its thermal sensitivity of 40 mK, specifically suited for detection of slightest temperature differences, making it indispensable in quality control of products and in medical prevention.
    The compact and high-performance infrared cameras offer a temperature range of -20°C up to 900°C, being optionally upgradeable up to 1500 °C.

  • tDCS

    Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) apparatus with software: StarStim tCS 8-channel model. tDCS is a neuromodulatory technique which has garnered recent interest in the potential treatment for emotion-based psychopathology.

  • BHpresenter

    For building and running experiments we use also BHpresenter – a program written by Paweł Boguszewski, member of our research team and and another program that coordinates the work of Acqknowledge and BHpresenter (e.g. marks events).

  • Eyetracer Tobii X3-120

    We use mainly iMotions Core with an Eyetracking module.